Where to begin?

“In the beginning”… No, that is already taken. Beginning a project has always been the hardest part for me. Once the dam is breached, I have no problem going on at great length about a great many subjects, but beginning… is like pulling my own teeth with a pair of pliers in the garage with no mirror, anesthesia, or any idea where to go from there.

Since this is all about introductions, a brief overview of myself seems to be in order. I was born. There, that’s a beginning. My parents were and are from the world ambiguously known as “middle class”. At times, they were upper middle class, and at other times, lower. What does that mean? Well, for a child growing up, it means we normally had plenty of food, the electricity wasn’t ever disconnected, and we had clean running water. We also had pets, and toys, and we’re typically about 4 years behind the “Jones'”. Over all, not a bad existence really.

At a very young age, my parents introduced us to the joys of reading. Some of my earliest memories involved books. Mom and Dad had thousands of them. No, I do not exaggerate, and if I do, it isn’t by much. I, of course, could not know what marvelous places reading could take me to at the beginning. “See spot run” isn’t exactly a massive stretch of the imagination, but the doors would soon fling open, and I would never again see the world as it was, but as it could be.

And so, with much ado, and I’m sure many delays, redirection, and becoming plain lost, I beg you to join me on a journey “Where no man has gone before” and perhaps further.



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