Lost Beginnings

Earlier this morning I was trying to write the first draft of my second blog. Unfortunately, I discovered a fatal flaw in my current text editor. When you couple that with the fact that I’ve been awake all night and not paying close enough attention, I lost the original (which was spectacular!). So I will now attempt to recapture the moment, revive the dead words, and with any luck, you will be able to see just how spectacular the piece was… Or I could get some sleep first.

In my last post, I touched on some of my “in the beginning” moments. Along with my earliest memories of reading, I would be remiss to leave out a key figure in my education. This would be my dad. Because I was home-schooled, my parents took on the enormous task of teaching me not only what they felt I should know as a person, but also what the state told them I had to learn as a student. While it was my mom that taught me almost every academic thing I know, it was my dad that taught me temperance, tolerance, and gave me a love and passion for all things mechanical or electrical.

I believe the joke went something like this: “Many ages ago, when this ancient planet was not quite so ancient, there lived elves, dwarves, wizards, dragons, and Bryan.” You see, all those years ago, when computers were programmed by cardboard punch cards,

my dad was interested in what made them work, but more importantly, how to make them work better. Dad suffers from an inescapable urge to fix things. Often, to the dismay of mom, he tries improving things. Improving is the word he and I use for fixing something that isn’t broken, yet.

Sadly, I have failed to capture here what was lost before, and I have gone off in a completely different direction, but it is a direction I would like to explore anyway. Next time, I will dive into Mac’s history, as I remember it anyway.


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