Mac History: As I See It

Back to my earlier memories. Perhaps some of you reading along here remember this moment in the star trek saga.


My father still owns that computer.


I remember learning the basics of typing and using the computerized version of a paint brush on that green screen. A certain memory of trying to figure out why Scotty was talking to a mouse springs to mind. At that early time, as with my early reading career, I couldn’t fathom where computers would go from there, or what marvelous adventures lay ahead. I just thought it was cool that I could draw on a screen using something that didn’t look at all like a real mouse.


Ah, now we come to another cornerstone of my life. No, not the outdated Mac g3 server. It’s where that Mac server was. If there was a place I spent more time then at home, it was there.


This dilapidated building was my second home for many years. I spent many hours there as a youth helping Dad with the yearly inventory. For those wondering what this means, it means I spent countless hours counting very small items (washers, screws, nuts, bolts, etc…) and catching small breaks to spend time with Dad while he was on one project or another. That outdated G3 server is the epitome of my Father’s career at that store. Reliable, overworked, and stretched to the limit.


My first laptop. Ok, it wasn’t mine, and following the fate of every other computer to be in my Father’s possession, I’m sure it is still in his house somewhere. This predecessor of the the iBook is a symbol to me of a transition in my life. The year my dad let me use that computer as my personal laptop was also the year I began driving. And working. It was just before I finished high school and discovered there was no freedom outside of my parents home, only more work; but in that stretch of time just before I learned this terrible truth, I thoroughly enjoyed the small sense of freedom I got from driving and fiddling around with that laptop.


This bizarre looking contraption has followed a completely different fate than all of the other computers in my story here. This one sits in my house, where it can continue the legacy of old Mac memories for my children. I hope they will fondly remember it as I remember these older memories of mine.


Time to head back on track here. This next computer really only has a few memories attached to it, as it was my parents during the years I was gone in the Army, but very recently it fell into the possession of my younger brother. The circumstances surrounding that are long and convoluted, and I’m not particularly interested in heading down that path just yet. I hope it is sufficient to say this was a year of drastic change, for Apple and my family.


This brings us to the present. I always use to swear I would never own one of these. After all, a computer is a computer, and a phone is a phone. It couldn’t be a phone if it didn’t have buttons. Come now, it couldn’t even be a computer without keys.


And now I am a proud owner of not only an ancient iMac and iPhone, but also an iPad. I even convinced my technologically timid wife to get an iPhone. Most of my typing and other computer related work and leisure is done either on an iPad or the iPhone, and I couldn’t be happier with these products. I hope you are as excited as I am about where the future takes us. Thank you, Macintosh/Apple, for so many fond memories.


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