In the Mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see. I see 30 more pounds then I should for starters, but besides the physical mirror we all look at in the morning, I’m referring to something deeper. When you evaluate who and what you were, what you want to accomplish, and what you have become, is it something you’re proud of, or does the very sight disgust you? Perhaps you fall in-between. You aren’t disgusted, but there is definitely something lacking. Are you brave enough to evaluate, at a completely honest level, exactly who it is that you are?

I’ve been doing a lot of this lately, and to be completely frank, I’m not pleased with what I see. The question then is, what to do about it. Do I settle for mediocre? (Which at this point would be an improvement in my opinion.) Do I search myself for an answer? Do I turn to a higher power? Do I seek help from friends? Family?

The problem with introspection, I mean, really honest introspection, the kind that pulls no punches and lays the bare naked truth of yourself out before you, is that it is often quite a depressing thing to do. If allowed to run amok, this can lead to a serious drinking problem, feelings of complete and total despair, and a total halt of any forward motion at all. So our first step is to look closely at ourselves. (A vomit catching device of some kind may be required for those with less than an iron stomach.) Next, a plan must be made. Lastly, and most importantly, action must be taken. Don’t just sit there and look at the problems, or say, “I’ll fix it next week”. If a problem is discovered, fix it. If, for example, you were at work, and a key piece of equipment were malfunctioning to the point of being unable to complete your assigned tasks, would you put it off? Would your superiors allow it to be put off? Of course not! How much more important is our emotional state of well being? Shouldn’t we want to fix these troubling issues sooner rather than later? It seems to me that we become comfortable in our predicaments. After all, it isn’t our fault. It’s always someone else’s fault we are where we are. “I was late to work because some jerk couldn’t drive the speed limit” or ” I hit absolutely every single red light.”

Ah, here is where that honest introspection comes in. Was it really anyone else’s fault, or simply ours? Sure, there are circumstances that are beyond our control, things we cannot possibly foresee or plan for. But do we allow these things to keep us down? For a great many, the sad truth is, yes, we do. So, in closing this random thought of mine, what is the answer? I believe it is in taking an honest look at ourselves and taking full responsibility for our actions and inactions. Only then can we move forward and make the most of our abilities.


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