Intro to Disc Golf


Frisbees, for me, were a toy of youth, and for dogs. You throw it, the dog brings it back. Disc golf is a game where you are basically playing fetch with yourself. You throw it, then you go get it, then throw it again. Oddly enough, it is amost nothing like playing frisbee. Aside from its general round shape, a frisbee disc bears almost no other resemblance to a frisbee. It’s smaller, heavier, and if you try to catch one, you’ll likely bruise your hand, if not break it. A combination of sheer power mixed with the ability to aim are definately required. I am dreadfully awful at this game. On a par three course (meaning three throws per basket) I typically score plus 2-3. Despite this, it is a game I find irresistible. I love playing it!

I am hoping to have the time to visit all of the courses in the area with my trusty phone/camera and share my dreadful scores and opinions with you.



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