Getting Older

When I was younger, the older people in my family would always tell me “just wait till you get older, then you’ll understand.” Well, I am now the age I first remember taunting (my mid 20’s) and I still don’t get it. When I was a child (yes, I know, compared to you old 40 and 50 year olds, I still am) I remember wondering if I would ever reach 20. School seemed like an endless routine that would never end. Maybe that is why I didn’t enjoy college very much. Anyway, I digress.

My oldest child is now starting school, and I find myself at a loss. When did I reach this old age of 26? I don’t really feel any older then I did at 12. I still look at everything and wonder why and how it works. I still want to take everything apart and put it back together. I still like pets, watching tv, and playing video games. Doing the dishes still irritates me. I am at a loss. Wasn’t there some mystical thing that was supposed to happen when I “grew up”? Some mysterious quality that “grown ups” have that separated them from us young folk? Maybe I’ll understand… when I get older.


One thought on “Getting Older

  1. Now you truly understand. No adult feels like they are grown up. That is the true mystery, the true conundrum. You my child are now an adult!

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