iOS 6


I have to be honest. I joined the mass millions and updated my iPhone as soon as the update became available. You may be thinking “me too” or “geek”, but seriously, I kept hitting the update software button today at noon waiting for the “download new update” message. (It was around 12:03 I believe.) Three hours later, I was the happy customer of an updated iPad and iPhone. I then spent the next hour before getting ready for work playing with my newly updated toys. Here is what I found.


Maps: SWEET! Seriously! My iPhone just became a “turn by turn” GPS navigator! Those long road trips up north will no longer require updating my route every-time I take a wrong turn! Apple reroutes it all for me, then Siri tells me where to go! I don’t even have to keep the phone on and dedicated to using GMaps. I can turn my music on, and Siri politely interrupts my music when it’s time for new directions.


Facebook: I like it, a lot! No more grabbing a picture and sending it. I can take a picture, and bam, upload without even leaving my camera. With my family spread so far across the country, it’s nice to be able to include them so seamlessly into what we are doing.


Photo share: Have I said “sweet” recently? I can now send entire albums to my Apple equipped family members. Select photos to share, click share, pick recipients, and off the pictures go. Again, seamless! Now I just need to get them to update their phones. (Ahem, hint hint.)


There are many more features, and I haven’t actually had time to explore them all, but no iPhone review is complete without at least a mention of Siri. Siri has been totally updated and integrated into the phone. Talking to your phone now accomplishes just about everything I can think of. Calendar dates, hands free calling, texting, status updates, tweets, directions (immediately followed by the handy opening of Maps and “turn by turn” automatically starting), Internet searches, and my favorite; tell Siri to open an app. Any app. I constantly fumble around looking for which folder I placed an app in. No more.

This is not a paid endorsement, but Apple has a very happy customer here. Care to join the crowd of happy millions?

P.S. Panorama photo feature review coming soon; just as soon as I have a chance to take a picture of something besides my house.


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