Coffee Houses


Why do people go to coffee shops? Is it for the “double Irish cream latte” that actually has very little in the way of caffeine content? Is it for the brick and stone look that covers all of their floors? (Next time you are in a coffee shop, look down, you’ll see.) I don’t know why you go to your local neighborhood coffee shop, but here are some thoughts on why I like to.

Firstly, coffee house coffee IS overpriced, but I don’t own an espresso machine, and the frequency which I purchase it makes up for the extortionate prices. Coffee has always been a center post for me. I don’t remember if it was my brother who introduced my mother to coffee, or the other way around, but the point is moot, as we all drink it almost religiously now. (Except for my father, who instead prefers his caffeine via a Mt. Dew IV line.) I do remember it was I who introduced my younger brother to the world of “The Coffee House”. It was a mysterious place. No one from the “outside” really knew or understood us. By “us” I of course am referring to those odd people who never seem to leave the coffee house, but instead become almost as common place as one of the fake leather couches you are probably sitting on.

And here, I am at a writing impasse. There is so much I’d like to say, but it just flew out of my head. Be right back with that.