Where was I going again?

Recently, my children started learning how to dance. We took them to a little place in town (www.lifesongdance.com). They have been so excited about it that they basically have not stopped dancing for the past week. The reason I mention this isn’t to brag on my kids (although I won’t deny they are the most awesome kids on the planet) but instead to illustrate something. When we want something, do we just expect it handed to us, or are we willing to work for it? Or maybe we will work for it up to a point, but no further.

Just in my short 27 years on this planet, I’ve seen a gigantic shift in how people view the world. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I remember seeing my dad’s computer. (If you read back on this page, you’ll see another article about that.) In fact, I remember watching Star Trek IV and wondering why Scottie was talking into my dad’s computer mouse. Now, I’m typing on the touchscreen of my iPad. In twenty years we went from green screened computers that took seconds to return any kind of output to million color iPads that you can talk to. The attitudes and work ethics seem to have changed almost as much.

When I was growing up, I remember visiting my dad at work, and sometimes helping him or my grandpa at work. He worked a minimum of 40 hours a week. Most times, I think it was closer to 70-80 hours though, depending on if you counted the time he spent at home working on various work projects. He also did almost every kind of home repair himself. I helped him install plumbing, electrical wiring, build walls, plant trees, …. this list could go on for days and I’m sure you get the picture. The point here is that this was a man who was not afraid to work for what he wanted.

In myself, there is a big part of me that isn’t satisfied unless I’m doing some kind of work. There is another, uglier part however that wants, and at times, expects, instant results. I want it now, and I work 48 hours a week and support my family, so if I want to occasionally go blow $500-600, that isn’t so bad, right? This isn’t something I’m terribly proud of, and the fact that I’m holding the evidence in my hand of one of my “gadget sprees” isn’t helping matters. The point here is that we as a society are moving towards an attitude of “give it to me now” instead of “I’ll work for that”.

Look at the Internet for more proof. We used to say, I’ll have to research that. Now, we bring out our phone, and Google tells us what we want to know. Are we still willing to work for what we want? Are we willing to work even when we don’t want to? I certainly hope so.


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