The Policeman’s Prayer

Lord, protect me while I protect them.
Bless my car, that it would always be faster then theirs, and that it safely carries me where I must go.
Bless my radio, that it never loose signal; that I might never be left alone in the dark.
Bless my vest, that it never be needed, but if it is, may it stop every bullet.
Bless my gun, that it never be used, but if I must, steady my hand and let my bullets not stray, lest I harm those I seek to protect.
Bless my heart, that it never become cold or filled with doubt, but instead love and compassion.
Bless my brothers and sisters, that their families may never receive that dreaded call.
But most of all, Lord, bless my family. That they may never be scarred by what I must do, because without them, I am nothing.