First Impressions

iPhone 5s


First impressions are quite often the most lasting. They either damn something, lift it to near sainthood, or simply land somewhere in the middle. Fortunately, Apple appears to know this and seems to strive for super awesome first impressions. So what if it needs a program rewrite, the (insert new Apple product here) is freaking cool!

Yet again, the new iPhone blew me away. First, who doesn’t like the idea of the fingerprint scanner? Really?? This is way past Star Trek gadget cool. We had that with the iPad. (CBS even capitalized on that and made the PADD app.) Love it.


Next, we move onto the epic camera feature of high speed video. Who doesn’t want to catch something then play it back in slow motion? Everything becomes hilarious in slow motion!

The speed upgrade of the phone is also clearly noticeable. And fortunately Apple had already released iOS 7, so the OS didn’t annoy me because I’d already played with it.

Finally, we come to what so many companies have made it rich on: accessories. I picked up the Mophie Juicepack with my latest toy. I’ve always been annoyed at the battery life on smart phones. If you own a smart phone, can you honestly say you’ve never gone in search of an outlet somewhere? In a time where being “connected” and “sharing” and “tweeting” is almost more natural than breathing, battery life is a serious consumer issue. I tried to kill my battery the other day. I ran games, left the screen and flashlight turned on, and browsed every app I had. Finally, after a twelve hour shift at work, my battery dropped to 10%.




Over all, I’m having a hard time trying to find something bad to say about the iPhone 5s. In an effort to remain fair, I do find the larger screen mildly irritating, but I’ve already pretty much gotten used to it.