Wizard’s Second Rule


Wizard’s Rules Explored

An exploration into what makes people tick, and why they do some of the strange things they do to each other.

Wizard’s Second Rule: The greatest harm can result from the best of intentions. (Quoted from The Stone of Tears, by Terry Goodkind)

The second lesson; unintended consequences. After you’ve started thinking for yourself, you might feel the urge to go out and right the wrongs of the world. Don’t do that just yet. Remember Newton? You know, that physics guy. Equal reactions and all that. When you begin mucking about in things you don’t fully comprehend, it can get messy, quickly. Just because we think, or even know that something is wrong, doesn’t mean we know how to fix the problem. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t try, but first you should stop and examine the problem.

You might be thinking “but I couldn’t make this any worse than it already is”. Look, it can always get worse, but to balance that, it can also get better. The chances are though, that blind action is going to complicate matters immensely.